widgets_flickr_pingdom_vimeoWe are excited to announce new features in ClickDroid, your all-in-one business dashboard solution now used by over 50,000 companies around the world.

GetResponse Widget

The GetResponse dashboard widget allows you to monitor individual campaign and list growth stats for your email marketing initiatives.

Vimeo Widget

The Vimeo dashboard widget allows you to display the following metrics for your videos:

  • My Feed
  • Top Videos by Comments
  • Top Videos by Likes
  • Top Videos by Plays
  • Flickr Widget

The Flickr dashboard widget allows you to track the following metrics for your photos:

  • Top Album Photos
  • Top Favorite Photos
  • Top Gallery Photos
  • Top Photostream Photos

You can also use your Flickr photos to create sideshows on your dashboards!

Basecamp Classic Widget

The Basecamp Classic dashboard widget allows you to display the following project management related metrics:

  • Project Completion
  • Discussions
  • Calendar Events
  • People
  • Time Logged
  • To-Do List
  • My To-Do List
  • To-Dos Created
  • To-Dos Remaining
  • To-Dos Completed

Google Analytics Widget (Update)

The Google Analytics dashboard widget now offers 118 different metrics. We just added the following new metrics to the list:

  • Audience: Browser Version
  • Conversions: Conversion Keywords
  • Conversions: Conversion Mediums
  • Demographics: Age Groups
  • Demographics: Gender
  • Ecommerce: Average Quantity
  • Ecommerce: Conversion Keywords
  • Ecommerce: Conversion Mediums
  • Ecommerce: Unique Purchases
  • Interests: Affinity Categories
  • Interests: In-market Segments
  • Interests: Other Categories
  • Traffic Sources: Mediums
  • Traffic Sources: Sources
  • AdWords: Overview
  • AdWords: Cost
  • AdWords: Impressions
  • AdWords: Clicks
  • AdWords: Click Through Rate
  • AdWords: Cost Per Click
  • AdWords: Cost Per Conversion
  • AdWords: Cost Per Goal Conversion
  • AdWords: Cost Per Thousand Impressions
  • AdWords: Cost per Transaction
  • AdWords: Profit Margin
  • AdWords: Return On Investment
  • AdWords: Revenue Per Click
  • AdWords: Campaigns
  • AdWords: Ad Groups
  • AdWords: Keywords
  • AdWords: Search Queries

To match the latest Google update, we’ve also changed all “Visitors” and “Visits” metric labels to “Users” and “Sessions” respectively.

Pingdom Widget (Update)

Based on your feedback, we have rebuilt the Pingdom dashboard widget to include the following new metrics to measure your website performance:

  • Status Overview
  • Status Check
  • Performance Overview
  • Uptime
  • Downtime
  • Response Time
  • Alert Log
  • Outage Log
  • Test Result Log

AWS CloudWatch Widget (Update)

We’ve also rebuilt the AWS Cloudwatch dashboard widget to include 37 new metrics to help you monitor your IT infrastructure including:

  • EC2 CPU Utilization, Disk Ops, Network, Status Checks
  • ELB Host Counts, Requests, Latency, Connection Errors
  • RDS CPU Utilization, Database Connections, Memory, Storage Space

You can now also set up dashboard widgets to monitor specific AWS instances.

Other Enhancements

We’ve also been busy updating other dashboard widgets and features.

Facebook Pages: Added People Engaged metric.
Google Spreadsheets: Lowered widget refresh time from 15 mins to 5 mins for quicker updates.
TV Mode: Added ability to start TV Mode on tablets (e.g. iPad).

What are you waiting for? Log into ClickDroid and check out these new features for yourself!

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