We are excited to announce new features in ClickDroid, your all-in-one business dashboard solution now used by over 50,000 companies around the world.

Desk.com Widget

The Desk widget allows you to display your support ticket related data on your dashboards. We’ve added the following Desk metrics:

  • Overviewwidgets_desk_unbounce_zendesk
  • Cases Created
  • Cases Resolved
  • Cases Resolved w/ Macro
  • Cases Resolved w/o Response
  • Cases Unresolved
  • Cases Unresolved By Priority
  • Cases Unresolved By Status
  • Cases Unassigned
  • Cases Reopened
  • Cases Deleted
  • Channel Overview
  • First Contact Resolution Rate
  • First Response Time
  • Handle Time
  • Interactions
  • Recent Cases Created
  • Recent Cases Resolved
  • Recent Cases Updated
  • Replies Per Resolve
  • Resolution Time
  • Top Agents By Cases Resolved
  • Top Agents By Cases Unresolved
  • Top Agents By First Response
  • Top Agents By Handle Time
  • Top Agents By Resolution Time
  • Top Agents By Time Online
  • Top Channels By Cases Created
  • Top Groups By Cases Created
  • Top Groups By Cases Resolved
  • Top Groups By Cases Unresolved.
  • Top Labels By Cases Resolved


Unbounce Widget

The Unbounce widget allows you to track the following landing page and conversion metrics on your dashboards:

  • Overview
  • Convesion Funnel
  • Recent Leads
  • Top Pages

Zendesk Widget

We’ve competely revamped the Zendesk widget. You can now monitor the following metrics on your dashboards:

  • Overview
  • Tickets Created
  • Tickets Resolved
  • Activity Stream
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • First Response Time
  • Recent Tickets Created
  • Recent Tickets Updated
  • Resolution Time
  • Tickets Unresolved
  • Tickets Unresolved By Priority
  • Tickets Unresolved By Status
  • Tickets Unresolved By Type
  • Tickets Unassigned
  • Top Agents By Customer Satisfaction
  • Top Agents By Tickets Resolved (Today)
  • Top Agents By Tickets Unresolved
  • Top Groups By Tickets Unresolved
  • Top Tags By Count
  • Top Tags By Tickets Unresolved

Other Enhancements

We’ve also been busy updating existing dashboard features as follows:

  • Currencies: Added Croatian kuna currency
  • Gauge Charts: Updated charts to display target values
  • Google AdWords: Added Conversion Value and View-through Conversions metrics
  • Facebook Pages: Added Engagement Rate metric
  • Pie/Funnel Charts: Updated charts to display actual values without having to hover
  • Pingdom: Updated widget to display varying time periods based on date range

What are you waiting for? Log into ClickDroid and check out these new features for yourself!

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  1. Chris Thompson

    Great post! The new Widgets look very interesting and convenient. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best.-Chris Thompson

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